Generator, 10,000W dual fuel gas & propane ??

The GenTron generator arrived and I put it together. Using gasoline for now, plus there are 2, 20 pound tanks of propane for it too. The generator is much larger than the Coleman with the Subaru engine that it replaced. It is really nice. It has an hour meter and 3 separate shutoff switches for the 220V and two 120V outlets, plus electric start of course. I put fresh gasoline and Mobil 1 10W-30 oil and the thing started up after cranking for two seconds. I did a test run then shut off the fuel valve and let it run until it stopped. It has an 8 gallon gas tank. I did put the battery on the charger. It says 200 CCA but only measured 135 CCA on the battery tester but I tested right away, you are supposed to let it rest for 30 minutes before testing.
A propane generator is one of the reasons I bought a 1000 gallon tank for the house. The option of duel fuel is nice IMO. Sure there's less output, but it's no big deal to have propane on the ready either. If you need to get more (either gasoline or propane), that shouldn't be hard to come by. A 100 lb cylinder would go a long way too IMO.
I have a Firman dual fuel generator from Costco. I used both propane and gasoline to power it during the same power outage That ended up lasting about 12 hours. Started with propane tank then after it looked like it would be a while, I switched to gasoline for the remainder. Worked out good. I like having the options. I plan to buy a 100 lb tank that I can use for the grill or generator and not have to worry about filling as often.
You better collect a bunch of BBQ tanks if you plan to run a big gen for any length of time.

They only work in warm weather. You need big tanks for cold weather. You need to look up the BTU or gal per hour your generator requires of propane and then look up in vaporization rate charts for your size tank and temps. You might be able to start a generator on a BBQ tank but not run it with any load.
You can buy larger propane tanks at Tractor Supply and filling there is relatively cheap. The challenge is mostly transporting but a tank lashed to dolly does wonders.