General Lubricants from UAE

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May 14, 2009

Any "Engine oil experts" care to comment on General Lubricants from UAE. See attachments.
I have a large fleet of cars & want to switch over to General Engine Lubes. The oil is much cheaper than other popular brands.
But it does'nt have similar approvals like other popular oils. Does other approvals such as ACEA hold more value ?

I'm based in Africa, i know that oil is not marketed/sold in US, but any comments will be appreciated.


The spec of CH-4 on that label is very old. Not knowing what type of vehicles you are servicing, but I believe I would look for something with more current specs on it. As for as holding more value, oils with current API or ACEA ratings would hold more value for me.

Interesting the label says made in UAE but formulated in Germany.
Welcome to the forums! Johnny's hit the nail in the head, so here's a bit of a background on UAE sourced oils.

Whilst there are some quality oils coming out of the UAE, such as OEM Lexus oil with an API SM specification, you also get a lot of rubbish - such as SG rated, straight weight oil from an unknown manufacturer. Reason being, majority have poor knowledge on motor oil and want the cheapest stuff they can buy, so there is a market for it. Whilst I cannot speak for diesel oils, majority of petrol/gasoline oils are SL/CF dual rated, and are usually good to use for 5,000-8,000 km.

You also get a lot of that "Formulated" and "Made" stuff and they are usually good oils, albeit some can be dated. Fina, for instance, has "Formulated in France, Made in UAE" on it's label.
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