General Grabber AT2 tires (pics)

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Oct 13, 2013
not Sweden
Just got my new General Grabber AT2 tires put on my Ranger. Immediate first impressions are good- they seem to really bite the ground, and aren't noisy at highway speeds. I do feel some rolling resistance, so I'll have to watch gas mileage and see how they perform. But I haven't had any real time driving with them yet. I'm very interested in how they are in the snow this winter.

I decided to put the white lettering inward.



Some of the "rolling resistance" might be the tires breaking in and the fact that you have a large amount of tread squirm with fresh tires.

I wouldnt seriously monitor the MPG until after 500-1000 miles.

PS. those look really good.
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Originally Posted By: Rand
PS. those look really good.

They have 16/32 of tread depth... which I thought looked pretty cool as well.
Nice looking tires.

I have heard good things about the AT2 since it came out, and have considered it a few times now, but I always end up finding a better deal on something else.
These are 225/70-R15. Right now, General Tire has a $70 mail in rebate on their tires, and the shop that installed them will now give me free rotations for as long as I own the truck and those tires. The tire is warranted for 60K miles of tread life.
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Nice tires, although they look realllly close to BFGoodrich All Terrains.

Yes, the tread pattern is a very close "knock-off" of the BFG. It must be different enough to avoid a lawsuit.

I guess that brings up a question, maybe one CapriRacer can answer. Are actual tread patterns patented or copyrighted?
Originally Posted By: Hokiefyd
.......I guess that brings up a question, maybe one CapriRacer can answer. Are actual tread patterns patented or copyrighted?

They can be patented. I was involved in a patent suit earlier this year involving 2 Asian tire manufacturers. The one claimed the tread pattern of the other was too similar and could be mistaken by the average tire buyer. (I was defending and aside from the fact that I was supposed to support my client, it appeared the plaintiff was stretching things a long way to make his case.) The case was settled before it went before the judge.

And just so you know, I would defend that the Goodrich and the Generals look enough different that the average buyer would NOT mistake the one for the other. There are some similarities, but it's hard to do this kind of tire without having some degree of similarity.
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They are a great all around a/t tire. EXCELLENT in snow and slipper condition with the siping.

Only real downside is they aren't terribly good in the thick mud. But I'd run them!
Looking good! I've been trying to decide between the General AT2 and the BFG AT for my F150. Prefer the look of the Generals though.
I hope you are right about the tires needing to be broken in. I LITERALLY watched the fuel gauge move toward empty while on the highway today. At this rate, I will need to mortgage my house to buy gas for my Ranger. Crazy gas consumption!!
I would expect those to have at least 5-10% more consumption than a LRR car tire.

also what was the previous type/size and new size?
Originally Posted By: SwedishRider
Last tires were Mastercraft A/S IV:

They were the same size as these AT2's: 225/70-R15 (stock size as printed on the door jamb for this Ranger model).

were they nearly worn out when replaced? if so you might be going quite abit farther per odometer mile since the new tires are bigger diameter due to full tread.

so if you are observing 10% less fuel economy it might only be 7% or so..
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