General Ameri GS60 anyone?

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Jul 22, 2007
Anyone have these and like them? I had some General Grabbers on my 07' pickup I just traded on and loved them.

My wife needs new tires and I can get 4 new for $286.00 for a 16" tire!! Most other tires are closer to $400-450 for her car i just wanted to see peoples impressions mostly with traction including snow and wear life.

I deceided on these or spending $360 for some Cooper H/T's and I m not sure these are worth $75 more.
I had a set on my T-bird and they were an all around decent tire. Nothing exciting about them, but no complaints either. I'd buy another set for normal driving. I was hard on them and wore them out fast, but it wasn't the tire's fault. I don't think they'd get 80k like General rates them for though.
For me the the General GS60 was a very pleasant surprise, General in General gets a lot of flack but i think the GS60 Ameri is a good tire, Last october i put on a set on my Wife's Toyota RAV4 and its been excellent , much more quieter and grippier than the OEM Bridgestones and the UniRoyals that followed.
I paid 95 a piece on sale for these and i'm in the Market again for these for my Mazda, these tires are great.
The RAV4 handled the winter driving with no problems here in the PA. mountains, and they hold thier pressure the TPMS is yet to go off unlike the other tires we had on the RAV4.

The GS60 is the update to the G4S. The G4S was OEM for a lot of Tauruses and other midsize cars in the early to mid 90s. The GS60 is quieter, handles a wee bit better (which is not saying much), and is a good cheap tire if you must buy new. We had a set on a 1998 Lumina and another set on a 1999 Taurus. I would buy those tires again if I had a front-drive mid-size sedan. Pep Boys discounts them often. I think we spent $238 for a set of 4, mounted, balanced, installed, with road hazard, on the Lumina in 2005. This was on their buy 3 tires get the 4th free sale, plus it was already on sale for 20% off.
All three Chevy Colorados we have at work have the Ameri*GS60 tire and they're horrible on those trucks. They suffer from very poor tread wear, tread elements are not durable (they're awfully chewed up), and handling is poor. In general, they seem to be awful tires. Tires like these helped to give General a pretty bad reputation.

General's newer generation of tires (like the Grabber HTS) look to be very much improved over their former offerings, and appear to be competitive with their peers in the market now.
GS60's on a Colorado pickup.

Here's your sign.

It's a passenger car tire designed for highway use, so I'm not surprised the trucks are eating them for lunch!
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