Gen V L83 AFM Delete

I'm curious as to how the L83 runs with a L8T camshaft. Does the cam shift the power production to a higher rpm range at the cost of low speed torque?
GM cams tend to be pretty conservative, making me think that the L8T cam would provide a modest bump in power at almost no cost to low end torque.

Regardless, I love these threads, and all of the information they provides. Nice post, @clinebarger .

I don’t feel that I lost any low end torque. The curve on the diesel hub if true shows over 300 ft/lbs with the 6.6 L8T around 1200 rpms. The truck runs good. I would say a modest bump is a good way to explain it. A 5.3 will never get those numbers with same cam but it seems to be a great truck cam. I couldn’t find cam specs on stock L83 cam. L8T cam specs are pretty easy to find.

L8T cam spec