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Hey!!! No fair, nothing about amateur radio ( or building your own antennas from scratch for extra credit), building your own UPS, or creating your own compression algorithm. Nothing about reading Larry Niven.

We need one of these
but with a beanie hat.

35.7002% Total

Those 5 extra point for being a female geek helped off set the points I lost for being a generation older than the folks for whom this test was written.

Here are a few things that could have added points for us vintage geeks:
'Have you ever used a slide rule?' ‘Do you own a slide rule?’ 'Do you STILL use a slide rule?' and 'Have you ever made your own slide rule?'
‘Do you know how to thread reel to reel tapes?’
‘Did you read “Lord of the Rings” LONG before it was a movie?’
‘Do you Grok Spock?’

A few other general geeky things that they missed are:
‘Do you read Mad magazine? Regularly? Do you had a subscription to Mad?’
‘Is your home chemistry lab better equipped than your high school’s chem lab?’
‘Do you know the difference between SciFi and Fantasy?’
‘Do customers at Staples/Home Depot/CompUSA, etc., ask you for advice?’
35.897744% for me.

Other questions should have been: Did you teach yourself how to use a slide rule? What Sci-Fi author wrote a slide rule manual? Do you have a slide rule collection? 5 or more, 10 or more, 100 or more?

Have you ever built your own set of home speakers? Do they test out better than a set of $2000 speakers? Do you know the basic schematic of a Nestrovoic woofer? Is your current home stereo bi-amped?


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I should have points deducted for being p!ssed off and having to look a second time what the exact percentage was again.... I was going to put down 17.0%
The super geek question par excellance: How long have gone without having sex, with a person? 1 month, 1 year, 5+years, add 15points.

Um, there were extra boxes if you felt you deserved more geek points. If you felt there weren't enough of those boxes, that should be worth a point. And if you still complained that certain specific questions were not asked, that should have been worth at least a couple points.

Speaking of which, these should have been boxes/choices:

- Changing your own oil religiously.
- Track car maintenance on a computer.
- Track lawnmower maintenance on a computer.
- Being a BITOG member.
- Know what UOA stands for?
- Sent in a UOA?
- Discussed your UOA on a website?
- Sent in more than 5 UOAs in 2 years?
- Paid for someone else's UOA?

Me? I'm a "Total Geek" at a paltry 18.14596% and I probably could have checked off another few boxes depending, depending ...

But really, they should have done the rankings better. There should have been a better threshold for true geekdom ... and the labels could be better. No "Nano Geek?" "Mega Geek?" "Giga Geek?"

Oops, that criticism of the rankings should be worth at least another point!

--- Bror Jace

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