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Jan 16, 2004
All right here is the deal I have GC in my 03 lancer ES with 33268 miles. I will be heading to Seattle the weekend, by the time I get back I will have over 10,000 miles on the oil. I am looking for some input,when I get back Should I change it and take a sample, change the filter and top it off and go another 5000. Or just put another 3000 on it the way it is. On a side note I went 15000 on my Amsoil changing filter and topping off every 5-6000. My report told me to shoot for 17000 on the next interval. So lets hear what you all have to say!
Have you ever had UOA on the GC in this car? If not I would say that 10,000 is plenty, then do UOA for the GC. Make a judgement then about over 10,000 miles on GC.
run the UOA- GC is great oil but hasn't really been "designed" with extended drains in the same way that Mobil EP and Amsoil were. I'm under the impression that the starting "TBN" of GC is a fair bit lower than amsoil.
I would use around five ounces of LC at the beginning of the oil change -- then carry along several ounces on the trip.... using one ounce for every thousand miles beginning with 3K.
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