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Dec 2, 2005
Today I came across a yard sale and the sellers had 2 cases of the green marked at 25 dollars for each case. Is this a good buy because I snatched them up for 40 bucks for both of them. If I cant use it for my truck I will sell it. I have a 2005 Ford F150 with the 5.4L engine. Would this oil be okay to use. It has 11000 miles on it and is still under warranty. Thanks, Chad
I think GC would be a poor choice for the 5.4L Ford. My buddy uses the 5qt Wal-jug of M1 5W-30 plus 1qt M5W-20 in his 5.4L as an economical means to get M1 into the engine. The top-end is noisy on startup. I have tried GC in my 4.6L Ford and it was also noisy in the top-end, and the engine was very sluggish. These are 5W-20 engines, so use the specified oil weight with confidence.
I'm 8K into a 10K run of GC on a 4.6 Ford, here's my observations. Engine is smoother at an idle and seems quieter. Feels sluggish compared to 20 and other 30 weights I've used. Oil consumption has not changed. One quart per 3K no matter what oil is it. Fuel economy was no worse than with lighter weight oils. If you bought it, try it but I don't believe that these engines necessarily need or like an oil this thick.
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