GC-why the stockpile?

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Nov 21, 2005
They changed the color of the oil. This led to people wondering if the formulation had been changed and such the quality of the oil. Form what I have read the new color oil is pretty much the same forumla with an additive pack change and seems to give the same quality of the green.
Long before they switched to the gold formula of GC I was stockpiling this oil. You just can't trust Castrol at all, so when I found out how good this oil was, I wanted to cover myself by making sure I had at least a two year supply of it. The gold GC looks to be very similar to the green, so I don't have to worry when my green supply runs out. At some point I'll probably be stockpiling the gold stuff though, because someday we might just lose this version of it too and end up with some watered down formula that isn't as good.
I'd go back to M1 Supersyn with SX-UP or VSOT additive if GC gold was to be discontinued. Bowser
I'm brand new to the site and have learned that GC is ver good oil and will try it myself in my altima. Why is everyone buying stockpiles of this stuff? Is castrol ceasing production?
I think the color change from green to gold was a public service thing implemented by Castrol to demonstrate that they really are a corporate good neighbor. The could see unfortunate mental health effects their green oil was wreaking upon innocent BITOG members, and they knew they had to do their part to cool things off. The Castrol directors were having visions of BITOG children going hungry and getting all gaunt, doing without Christmas presents, and such, as Daddy voraciously hoarded more and more green oil. . .
I recently stocked up on 15qts of Green GC...it was great! All the other autozones I went to had the Gold GC....some of them came in the new bottle too...Since most members on this site say Gold is just as good as Green...I wouldn't hesitate to buy Gold once my Green stash is gone
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