GC+VSOT Should I?

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Jul 23, 2005
I use my car mostly for food delivery and since using M1 5w-20, the engine's noise is very loud. I did put 4-6 oz of VSOT and it produces less noise and smoother ride. So I want use the 30 wt this time because my driving habit will kill my engine so that is why. Maybe I have to pour in the GC alone to prevent too much thickness. RIGHT!!
KBK, I believe the Mobil 5w-20 or the Mobil 1 10w-30 are better candidates for the VSOT. The Mobil 1 10w-30 is 20% thinner that GC so its a much better candidate for spiking.
Thanks you guys for recommendation. I'll put only GC this time. [Wink] HMM I am gonna miss Moly for many months from now on. Bye Bye VSOT. OH right, I live in Chicago and I believe it will perform very well this winter. I'll post further information about GC later. I need to do UOA on the M1 5W-20 + VSOT too. I did lots of delivery and I need to know when should I change the oil, I change oil around 4500-5000 mi most of the time. Thanks again
My Colorado 4X4 is further proof that VSOT & Mobil-1 go well together. Good luck with your GC purchase. I hope it quiets down that engine for you. A small number of engine designs just don't care for Mobil-1. Yours could be one from that group. Let us know if things improve or worsen.
Just bought the 4 quarts of GC from the local AZ and I will change them in my civic 2004 VP soon. The problem is that i still have VSOT left. Should I mix it in with GC? I knew from the forum that GC is thicker than 30 weight. Any recommendation?
GC is thicker then many 30wt oils at operating temperature, but still falls into 30 range. Depending on the amount of VSOT that you want to add, the total viscosity might arrive in 40wt. Why would you do that when your owner's manual calls for 5w20?
Actually, I am using the M1 5W-20 with 6 oz. It quiets the civic a bit. At least comparing to the one using only M1. I satisfied with the result. Being a delivery person and hard accelerate will generate lots of heat and stress on the engine. I will post any comment on using the 0W-30 when I change my oil. [Wink] Thanks everyone for participation
My honda and acura are now alot quieter using 2 qts gc with the rest being M1 5w-20 I have also seen uoi's with this mix with great results / virtually no wear.
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