GC vs Penzoil Platinum? for my 1990 300ZX

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Jan 10, 2004
Shreveport, Louisiana
I have been using the GC for my 90 300ZX w/55K miles on it. Going to change oile again in next few days. Dropped by to see whats up and found that lot of people talking about the new Platinum Penz. Just curious if any of the GC users have tried it and what they thought of it. I dont have enough GC so I need to either buy some more GC or buy something else and try it. thanks Mike
GC is designed to be a extended drain oil. If you are not going for a 10,000 OCI go with PP. You don't seem to put many miles on it so tyr the PP. Especially if the GC is more $ in your area. Really a non issue though but if you feel the need try PP. [ February 16, 2006, 11:34 AM: Message edited by: speedtc ]
crap, AZ near me was out of the German stuff, all American in stock. So I went to advance and bought some of the new Penzoil Platinum to try while I locate some more GC. I dont care if the GCis for extended drain periods...I am not going over 4K miles OC. I am a little anal about that but all my vehicles run like new till I sell them and start over.
Me in Bossier City so we are neighbors. I have seen a few people here that are in this town lately. I drive a 90 300ZX NA red with 56K miles on it.
I have some of the green stuff. But, I just got a new car that I'm going to run on PP 5-30, at 2.08 a quart, I just couldn't pass up a chance to try it in this car. Same engine as the one I run GC in. WOn't be able to compare the two engines directly, as one is an auto, one a stick.
Doubt if you could go wrong with any of these oils: GC 0w-30, PP 5w-30, Any Mobil 1. I'd prefer M1 0w-40 for sports cars with some mileage on them. Living in the south, there seems to be little reason to use a 20 oil.
GC green is a great chemistry. PP is also a great chemistry but for now longer drains capability is unknown. Wear control with PP is excellent from the UOA's I am seeing. Based on your comments use the PP 10w30 in that 300ZX and get is sampled to confirm.
I dumped GC last week and refilled with PP 10W-30. I'll prolly go 5000 and do a Blackstone/Dyson to see how well it did. At least with my engine I'll be able to do an A:B comparo of the two oils. Don't get too excited, though. I'm only 300 miles into my OCI with PP. I will post the UOA when available.
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