GC turning dark early

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Jan 18, 2004
Shelby, NC
Put the green stuff in my Nissan truck about 6 weeks ago. Engine holds 3.5 with the filter so there isnt much in there to begin with. I have always changed the oil religously with Castrol GTX, Syntec Blend, Mobil DC GF-4, and Havoline oils. The engine appears spotless (a feat at 112k with that sump) on top of the head and such to boot. Well the GC has been in for like 1500 miles and is DARK. I do not mean black but a very dark amber on the stick. I assume this is the cleaning properties of this oil coming into play. Anyone else had such an experience? I have not had another oil do such a thing so I was just wondering.
My GC is dark after about 500 miles in my Mazda BP-Turbo Escort

all is well
The golden GC (Longtec) didn't appear to be darkening fast in my 1.8T. It stayed cleaner longer than M1 I previously used. Not that it matters...

Originally posted by Christopher Jefferson:

GTScort-you have THE car i have wanted to build for years now!!! Congrats!!! and, how hard was it to drop the engine in and how much for the engine?

The engine bolted right up... motor mounts, transmission, everything. I even have the AWD flywheel and clutch in my FWD transmission.

I got a helluva deal... paid $950 shipped for an immaculate engine with the complete factory wire harness. then sold off the AWD tranny it came with for $400. So i got the motor for 550 lol

Using the JDM ECU, custom hardpipes with a front mount intercooler, 3 inch turbo back... runs beautifully... especially with GC
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