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Sep 16, 2004
Vista, CA
Castrol tech people made a very good oil, called GC on this forum. Castrol bean counters discovered what was going on and pulled the plug. Now, is a cheaper version replacing the real GC? Or, instead of making any syntetic oil, Castrol is just going to continue making more Syntec?
posted by LarryL Castrol bean counters discovered what was going on and pulled the plug.
Did they? The reason Castrol made the European version of Castrol 0W-30 (GC) is because they need a product that meets the European specs for their cars, they already have an American version of 0W-30. Why sould a company produce two versions of the same thing on purpose? That would add to confusion of the Castrol's product line and to Castrol's keeping track of their products, think of all of the extra material standards (specs) for raw materials Castrol would have to keep track of and update when changes were needed for two products that do exactly the same and meet the same performance specs for vehicles. I do not think Castrol made the German Castrol to have fun with us Americans and cause us confusion, the first time I saw GC I thought it looked like Anit-Freeze, I wonder if Castrol's tech people haven't received calls asking them why there is Anti-Freeze in the oil... Why the GC changed color I do not know, I think as long as there is a need for a 0W-30 to fullfil European specs sold in North Amerca Castrol will make it. Did I get off subject with my reply?
If original GC being replaced with a cheaper good enough version? There must be a truck load of people on this forum that are using the old stuff. What about a voa or performance on the new stuff?
Originally posted by LarryL: If original GC being replaced with a cheaper good enough version?
I'm not sure we can jump to this conclusion, and the recent VOA information suggests otherwise. Only after we start getting a few UOAs of the Gold GC will we be able to draw any "real world" conclusions. That said, I'll have a UOA of the Gold done (5,000+ miles on a VR6) as soon as the Test Kit arrives.
Do a search, your about 3 months late. Who said it's a cheaper version? Their has been a lot of discussion on this and bruce posted a VOA of both.
What I'm asking, has Castrol figured out how to make a product about as good as the 'old' GC and one that is cheaper for them to make. Castrol would call this kind of stuff progress, a good replacement with less cost to market. It's not like this kind of stuff isn't happening.
Is that a question or a statement? [Confused] If that is a statement then please share your evidence. I suspect you're pulling "drums57" on us.
Accepted, it's as good. Is it a cheaper formula that has been engineered to work as well.
Larry, we don't know if it's a cheaper formula. If we can trust Bruce's analyses, the basics haven't changed, just some additives. Besides, if it works just as well as the old formula, what are you worried about? That someone at Castrol is going to become a little richer? If they are smart enough to reduce their mfg cost while maintaining the same product quality, we'll that's their reward for their hard work.
Larry, do you read what others post? Have you read about the low SAPS in Europe? This has been discussed about a billion times. Could be from any one of those reasons along with cost cutting as well. We simply havn't seen enough data to even suggest it's not as good as it was. The jury is still out.
Quattro Pete, you are right, I was just asking. There were those that quit using Syntec when they found out that the formula was changed. I'm just curious about Castrol marketing. Their products are an example of good enough. At least there are no terrible uoa's like those from QS and some other oils. I was just hoping they would continue the same GC. I guess some people just become attached to certain products.
I just wanted to know. I've got some of this stuff (GC) in the shop, came from someone that complained about piston slap and a 40 weight cured the problem. I've also got some fo the new stuff, too. I was worried that the new stuff would be a let down. Don't tell me I'm the only one that ever had such a thought. We're putting it in a parking lot racer that's driven on the street, too. At least with all this reaction I have an idea that they are both good.
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