GC price in my area

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Apr 28, 2005
Vancouver BC
Just came back from the local parts place ... walking by the oil isle and noticed a beam of radiant light shining onto select bottles of Castrol. Yes, it was the German made Castrol 0w30 and my hands touched for the first time. But I was quick to put it back down when I saw the price: $12.58CDN per liter!! [Eek!] That's about $10.50USD. To be fair this is not the cheapest place to buy oil but that's a heap of cash. I only paid $4.44/L for Esso XD-3 0w30 full synthetic.
got to remember you live in canada. here in the states its only $4.99 USD. we dont even get to have esso XD-3 0w-30. I would say if you live close to the US boarder you could drive to a Auto zone and pick some up. or if you know someone in the states that could get it for you and ship it to you. can also try the wal mart up there (if you have one) it should be a lil cheaper but dont know how much . somone posted earlier in ottawa saw it $7.28 Cnd a quart so its worth a shot and cheaper.
That's nothing. Here Castrol Synthetic LongLife (has equal datasheet to Gold GC) is close to USD 25 per liter!!! [freaknout]
That's a crazy markup on price! That's like when I saw Mobil 1 at the Esso station for $10 a liter, back in the days when Walmart sold it for $5! Actually, I remember a time when nobody carried Mobil 1 up here except for the Esso stations, and I paid $8 a liter back in 1988 for it. I had no other choice!
njc, I'm afraid some dealers charge extra for the beams of radiant light...the Elves ask them not to [No no] but some are not cooperative...the Elves are aware of, and not happy [Frown] about your report...though this is beyond their control, they apologize...they thought the beams of radiant light were a nice addition and did not anticipate that humans would commercialize the benefit.
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