GC or Amsoil Series 3000

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Jun 12, 2005
North Texas
I found some GC today at my local autozone and it did in fact say made in germany. Im debating whether i should use GC or Amsoil Series 3000. I currently have a case of series 3000 but since everyone is highly talking about GC now i dont know what to do. I may use the series 3000 up then when its time for some new oil get some GC if they still have it. What would you do? I have a Toyota Tacoma V6 with 55K. Thanks.
I'd use the S3k first, then move to GC. Both are excellent oils.
Thanks comming to think of it i forgot that GC is also gold color so i really dont know if it truely is green GC.
Both are great oils. I would use the S3000 and then move to GC. The bottm line is that both are great oils but you can still get excellent results with GC and save some money as well.
if the code on the bottom says m0510 then its gold. I think the last of the green blood was m0501. beings you have the amsoil already. just use it up and start buying your GC and look at the bottom of the bottle to make sure you get the green. also nothing wrong with the gold one either. prob what most of us will go to after all the (dare I say it) green runs out.
The last Green was M05010xxxxxxx
Anything newer like M05024xxxxxxx or M05128xxxxxxx etc is Gold.
BTW the Gold=the Green with some slightly revised additive package.
Either one is great, though the most of us prefer the Green due to its magical green color, gummy bear aroma and almost mythical aura.
Thanks again guys when i saw made in germany my heart almost stoped i guess im one of you guys now but when i came home i remebered that castrol also made a gold GC as well. This is a awesome forum but its crazy when you actually look forward to changing your oil. My name is anthony and im an oilholic.
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