GC only comes in 0w-30?

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Originally posted by Chris142:
Found some at A-Zone today. 0w-30 "Made in Germany".

What about 10w-30 or somethin a little thicker?

At operating temp, the GC 0w30 is thicker than regular Castrol Syntec 10w30, and virtualy any other 10w30 as well.

Remember, this is just relabeled Castrol Formula SLX from Germany, which is one of the "thickest" Xw30 oils made at approx 12.4 cst. Most OTC 10w30 synthetics are in the 10-11 cst range.
Yep G-Man II speaks the truth.

In fact, I would suspect this has a lot to do with it's popularity among other things.

It probably stays "thicker" longer than some 40 weights.

Castrol Syntec 10W-30, which I like, runs almost in the upper 20 wt. range. I'm running M1 10-30 now also. Rest assured that 10-30 are not higher in viscosity at operating temp. than GC.

Don't let the 0W-30 designation fool you.
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