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Nov 16, 2002
Didn't want to start another GC thread but wasn't sure where this would fit. So far I"ve put 1k miles on GC. When I checked the oil level after the car was hot, the oil was a bit higher the top of the full line on the dipstick. This is the first time an oil has crepped up that far. I think it's the esters in GC. Anyone else notice this? I think it's a good thing. BTW, it's not over filled, when cold it's right at the full mark. I'm looking into whether some of the sluggish I mentioned was due to Mobil gasoline. I've never liked Mobil gas in this area. MAkes all of our cars and friends I know of slow. I used Mobil regular last time but normally use Shell.
Coefficient of expansion on most common lube oils are pretty close and even if not I do not think you could eye ball the difference. If it is higher I would vote for foam in the oil or testing on a different level surface than you did the first time or the Elf polymer has a dling to it that looks higher on the stick?
Thanks, but I don't think it's foam at all. Oil looks perfect, just a bit high. I've read before I believe that checking the oil level when hot can read a bit high.
Yes oil WILL expand when heated back when I was a puppy I filled a blend tank to a mesured 2560 gallons then turned on the steam coils well that tank had a certified 2575 gallon cap. It overflowed at a temp of I remember 120F.
What I ment was that most oils will exspand at the same rate they all will read higher on a dipstick when hot but the difference in exspansion from one type..PAO, GPII,GPII are similar.
Just a comment on gasoline. It all comes off the same pipeline and all gasoline is shared by the oil companies. Yes they all put in their special juice (One cup full for a 7,000 gallon tanker truck)...
Bobby, my father in-law works for Valero. They supply gasoline to Shell and many others but they use their own additive package and I'm 100% positive that Mobil gas in my neck of the woods does not perform as well in my cars compared to others. More specifically 87 Octane. I'm not suggesting BTW, that all Mobil gas is bad, but in the cars I've owned, and in my area, it's just not as good from what I've seen.
Check the oil after letting it sit for a while. Clean the stick when cold and check the level. Then do it again a day later to see any ester creep. I'm sure you wouldn't overfiil to foaming levels as I know you're pretty meticulous with your oil. I on the other hand have got into the habit of overfilling about 1/2 qt. If it aint hitting the crank, it's fine and I'm less likely to get oil starvation if I have to turn quickly or loose level. I'm sure that any 4-6 qt pan can accept at least an extra 1/2 qt.
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