GC is GM-LL rated


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New Jersey
Maybe this is old news, but GC is GM-LL-025-A and B rated! My old bottles of green did not say this, but I was just on the castrol site and noted it claimed those certifications amongst others. I was set on using M1 0w-40 in my saab 9-3... but with this new tidbit of info, I might just use GC instead, it might eek me out a tiny bit more MPG. Are there any 30wt amsoil products that are Gm-LL-025-A and B equivalent? Price doesnt much matter as my car sees mostly all highway, and its a 15-18k drain. I dont mind using a 30wt as that is what was in the crankcase fom the factory, and is what the saab turbo oil was as well... Thanks, JMH