GC into the Saturn SL2

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Feb 24, 2005
Santa Maria, CA
Not for long though... Just want the motor cleaned a bit. I think it would burn too much to use on a regular basis.

Any experience with GC in a Saturn DOHC 1.9?
I have about 200 miles of GC (Gold) in my wife's '95 SL2 DOHC, about 163K miles total. Used to burn a ton of oil, did one ARX cleaning, this is the first oil in there after the "rinse phase". So far, so good. Very quiet, smooth, good overall. Mileage has suffered a tad initially on this tank (also changed the O2 sensor), but I think I will plan on sticking with GC in this car. I promise to do a few UOA, I just wanted to get the ARX out of the way first.

Im just afraid to do an AutoRX in this car. I keep thinking its going to dislodge all kinds of crap and mess up the bearings or something. LOL.

After reading your post, maybe I should anyway...
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