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Aug 5, 2004
Back in Arizona. Finally
Well here is Houston it's lawn mowing time already and as a preseason ritual I change the oil in the lawnmower and weedwhacker (both Hondas). I've always used M1 10w/30 in both but this year I decided to try the GC gold and see what happens. I mowed 1/2 the yard to warm the old oil up and then changed to the GC. What a difference! Both the weedwhacker and lawnmower are noticeably smoother running. I am impressed! I now have 7qts green / 10qts gold and have plans to convert the whole family fleet to GC! I'll leave this post with a question: my wife's 2005 Mazda Miata calls for 5w/20 and up until now I've used M1's product. Has anyone used GC in a relatively new Miata? I don't see a problem with using it, what with all the Honda owners posting here using it (Hondas nowadays call for 5w/20). How 'bout it guys - do you think the Miata will like it? Cheers all DV
only prob I see your gas mileage will prob go down some. as they use 5w20 as a energy efficent oil. I noticed the same thing with my push mower. I hadnt changed the oil sence I got it about 2 years. got some AA store oil to flush it out some. man did it run rough thought it was going to die lol. then I drained and filled with GC (green version) and that motor ran like a top. so smooth never knew a mower could do that lol.
Yeah - Dark Jedi is right - in some smaller engines mileage can go down. Especially in engines asking for 5w20. Then again there are some smaller engines that work well such as my 2.2L Ecotec Dohc. Some work some don't but there is only one way to find out!!! [Big Grin]
GC will not hurt the Miata in any way. If it is the same price as the M1, do not hesitate for 1 second. I think GC is better in comparison to the M1, but I don't believe it is the weight of the oil that makes the difference. FYI, I have the Honda mowers and trimmers as well. I'm considering using Amsoil bypass filters and extending my intervals to 25,000 miles.
I put GC in my 5.5 hp B&S gen set. It runs nicely [Smile] It may be a lifetime fill depending on how much I have to use it, LOL.
Honda mowers that I'm aware of have an OHC engine and 10w30 is specified. Maybe 5w30 in the newer ones(?). At any rate, GC should work well. Maybe I should try it in my ol' '84 Honda mower which burns a little oil on startup. As for the Miata, I'd stick with either Xw20 or a thin 5w30; GC is a bit too heavy for this application.
williar, I had an '84 HR 214 (I think that's what it was) and it was the best da mn mower I ever had! I replaced it last year. It needed a blade clutch and transmission and the cost of just these parts had me half way to the price of a new one. I got a hydrostatic drive "masters" series (which is basically my old mower, upgraded). I pined over the loss of a machine that had given such good service - the engine was still going strong,I always used Mobil 1 in it. I bought my new mower at a Honda dealer - according to them Honda now makes 2 grades of mower - the ones you see at Home Depot which is supposed to last around 10 years (they cost a lot less) and the "masters" series which is Honda's 20 - 25 year mower, supposedly only sold at Honda dealers. I contemplated getting a commercial model (he ll it was only $100 more) but it was way more mower than I needed. Cheers all!
I went to a honda mower dealer and was shocked to see $1000 push mower. I would think the thing would mow the yard by itself. cant go by what they say as they are looking for the sale and will say anything. my dad had an old lawnboy push mower he had back in the early 70,s the thing had no paint left and never had the oil changed much prob ever ten years. the thing ran till the early 90's when he hit a tree stump and cracked the crank in half. if he didnt have that happened I would prob be using it till this day. any mower should last along time for reg home use. just keep it serviced and watch out for those hidden stumps lol.
The mention of the Elvish Elixer of Stupendously and Stunningly Stellar Tribological Triumph in a lawn mower hurts my Elvish heart, but if you are seeking true fleet unity based on the Elixer with Elvish Élan, I guess I will get over it.
Originally posted by pscholte: The mention of the Elvish Elixer of Stupendously and Stunningly Stellar Tribological Triumph in a lawn mower hurts my Elvish heart, but if you are seeking true fleet unity based on the Elixer with Elvish Élan, I guess I will get over it.
Translation: He thinks GC is much too precious to be used in such a mundane environment such as the likes of a Briggs & Stratton. [Big Grin]
evedently he has never tried it in his mower =-Þ. also not like your going to change it anytime soon. I will prob leave it in a few year or maybe longer. reminds me I have to crank up the ol mower from its hybernation.
GoldenRod, You understand me TOO WELL. DJ, I will not consciously castigate those who profusely proffer the Elegant Elixer of Elevated Engine Excitement to their Lawn Lamborghinis as they are giving those devices a hard-earned tribological treat; however, I also shall never get over the idea that they are putting a diamond into a setting made of industrial-grade iron...
Yeah, but pscholte I think you're missing the jist of the thing - I need to get at least 20 years out of this new mower (by then I'll be 73 and probably give up lawn mowing). GC may be the best way to do it. Also, the environment that a lawn mower lives in is an absolute he ll: dust, by gum, to the Nth power and since they are air cooled there's no limit to how hot the oil can get (air cooled engines don't boil over, they just get hotter and hotter). My mower works in 100 degree weather most of the season so GC will be perfect! Besides that, it only holds 1 quart so the waste factor will not be not that high.
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