GC in Hawaii?

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Apr 26, 2004
I'll be visiting family in Hawaii and I was wondering if anyone knew of a place near Honolulu that sells GC. Maybe a place with a stash of the older, green stuff? [Wink] I don't think there are any Autozones on the islands... And does anyone know if GC is sold on Navy bases? Thanks.
I haven't looked for the thread, but someone here suggested that one of the dealerships sells GC in some places. VW, BMW, Audi.. I don't recall which. Maybe someone else will remember.
gtx: Is GC sold in Honolulu? I don't know. But if any place in the State would have it, it'd be there. I live on one of the outer islands and have found no GC here in the boonies. Since I experienced my oil epiphany and found BITOG, I've not been to Honolulu except in transit the airport. So if you run across some GC, please let me know! Aloha, Mark
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