GC in Ferrari V8

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Nov 23, 2005
New guy here with a need for opinions. I have used syn. Mobil 1 or red line in my cars for 25 years but I am intrigued by what you guys say about GC. Some background on this particlar engine. It holds 13 quarts and has two oil coolers, they hold 3qts of the total, oil temp is always 160-200 degrees, redline on engine is 8500 rpm. Oil filter is a System 1. Mileage driven per year is about 3000 and I have always changed the oil once a year. I am not concerned as much about additive package longivity as I am about ware/shear protection. What do you guys think about GC for high rpm ware/shear protection vs using Mobil 1 or Redline?
With that size sump, two oil coolers, and a 3k OCI, I don't think you'll ever see a difference. It's hard to beat the HTHS of RedLine though.
[Welcome!] f355c, Congrats on a fine machine...on to your question: what is your useage like? Do you drive during the summer (all seven days of it in Montana [Wink] ) only and then store the rest of the time, changing the oil before you go into the storage mode? Or maybe driving all summer and then every so often on a sunny day to exercise the systems and heat the oil (the best approach)? If you you do either the Redline should be OK and I would stick with it. If you drive it during the summer only and then don't change until you begin the next "driving season," then I would recommend an oil that is not 100% ester. It is a personal thing I have about used ester oils sitting around in a sump. What is the recommended grade for your car? I love our GC and believe if you want SOLID wear protection you would be hard-pressed to do much better. I just don't want to recommend a weight not suitable for a highly specialized engine like yours.
Hey Pscholte Wow flashy welcome sign,hahaha. Thanks for the comment on the car. I have always been a machinery buff and these cars have been on the top of my list for being interestingly complicated. Anyway the car is used as a road car from apr to nov. nice days only. I change the oil at the end of the season so the car has new oil thru the winter. I also have a pre-oiler that I use before every startup. The oil ID plate on the road cars states Shell syn 10-40w. This car is an ex Challenge car and the race manual states 5-30w I am assumming(partically)because of the twin huge oil coolers. The race motor and road car motors have the specs except for oil coolers,exhaust and timing. Even with spirited driving the oil temp never is above 200. This car is not raced anymore at least not on the track but I am still using the 5-30w because of the cooler temps the engine runs at. I was understanding the base stock of the GC is fairly high-tech even better than RL. This was the reason for my original question I am lookig for the best wear/shear protection I can find. Regards, Vern
With that size sump, two oil coolers, and a 3k OCI, I don't think you'll ever see a difference
I agree, with that set up, it really won't matter. German Castrol is an excellent choice with a HT/HS of 3.5. I'd use the GC over the M1.
f355c, Based on what you told me, GC would be an exellent choice. Since you don't race it and have the two big oil coolers, you really gain nothing (in my opinion} with the Redline 100% ester product. In fact I don't believe you will find any better wear or shear protection than the GC...at least not based on anything I have seen or read.
don't waste your time on the religion GC belivers [Big Grin] Best protection stick to Neo, Redline, but i prefer Royal Purple. trythe racing products,Racing 21 or racing 41. No offence intended members [Smile]
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