GC In An Explorer?

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Sep 4, 2005
Edison, NJ
Im running a 4.0L DOHC 97 Explorer with 195k on it. My typical driving is about 75% city and 25% highway over the course of a 4000 mile OCI. Ford reccomends 5w30 for my truck and I am currently running M1 Ep 5w30. I am thinking of switching to GC 0w30 for the NJ winter (0F-20F usual mins). Any thoughts on this? I was also thinking of adding VSOT to thicken up the oil a bit. Thanks everyone.
Keep running the 5w30 EP; it's actually thinner than GC, except at really cold temps. Skip the 4K OCI and run the oil 10K; that's why it's called "EP". Skip the VSOT and any other addative; the oil is fine the way it is and you certainly don't want it thicker in the winter!

Originally posted by Trees4Brkfst:
I was also thinking of adding VSOT to thicken up the oil a bit.

Thicken-up GC? No need, it's almost a 40-weight oil as-is. As williar mentioned, there is no need to thicken GC, especially not for the winter.
I am now using GC in my '05 Explorer 4.0L sohc. While I liked the Pennzoil Platinum I used during the previous 4 OCI's. I believe I like the GC even better.

As you mentioned, the 4.0L sohc spec's 5W-30, about the only Ford engine not specing 5W-20. Gotta believe this was done for a reason...the 4.0 likes/needs a "thicker" oil.

GC fills the bill right out of the bottle.

Try GC..you will not be dissapointed.
If I had a synthetic oil that needed VSOT to really make it perform the way I wanted, I would only hope that I didn't pay anything for it. Leave the VSOT out of GC and the EP. IMO neither one needs it.

tenderloin: why do you like the GC (gold or green?) better than the Platinum? Thicker oil, less engine noise, smoother?
I am also using GC in my 4.0L Exploder. I have gold GC in there now and plan on going 7,500 miles. I also deduced that since this engine does not do well on thin oil(Ford Specs) that I would try a thick 30 weight. I also have some Valvoline maxlife synthetic 5W-30 which is a thick 30 weight. I like the way they quiet down a relatively noisy engine.
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