GC in 3.7 Jeep Liberty?

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Nov 29, 2004
I do the oil changes in my mother's Lib for her, and I have been dying to use GC in something. Since every motor vehicle in my immediate family is a diesel (3 trucks, 1 Jetta TDI), I don't have an opportunity to use it here at home. Would it be a good thing to try in her Lib 3.7 for a 7500 mi run? Specs 5w-30 and I have been using the MC 5w-30 blend as of late, with decent UOA results on 7500 miles.
I have the same question Strjock81. I have been using RL in my wife's Lib. Last oil change went to M1 5w30. Seems okay - no increase engine noise like some have recently posted with the M1. I wrote it before and I'll write it again - GC is getting sparse. I wouldn't become enamored of it unless you have a large stash.
Strjock81: I agree with BigDen. I would do a search in your area to see how plentyfull GC is. Ya can't go wrong with M1 though. If ya do find a good supply of GC. Give it a shot.
My brother is working at AZ this summer while he is home from college, so he has "reserved" some for me if I need it. Who knows, maybe the gold stuff will turn out to be as good?
I am using it in my daughter's Liberty with no problems at all. Second change was just done with this oil. She won't pay for an UOA though [Frown]
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