GC - harmful to seals/gaskets??

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Jun 28, 2005
Got lucky and found some M04 batch at Autozone, figured I'd give it a try.

This truck, 97 Isuzu Rodeo, has ran on Havoline dino every 3K it's whole 140K miles.

I now have a lifter tap, and tried an 800 mile round with Rotella 5w-40 - the truck liked it, and the tap ceased, however, the oil smelt like burnt fuel. I didn't like that.

Wondering if GC is harmful, in any way, to seals/gaskets - aside from the old mileage age myth's.

Have no leaks or drips currently.
Thank you!
I put green GC in a Saturn 1.9 with over 110,000 miles. It had no leaks before or after. But it sure seems to have improved the oil consumption a bunch.
I changed at 4000 mi because it was in all winter with a lot of short trips around a college campus. Couldn't find more at the time to replace so went with Rotella 5W40.
Found more GC, back in for winter 2006
This past november, I bought a 93 Altima with 352000 kms (218000 miles) on the clock. I put 4 quarts of the green GC in the engine, and from then until it was damaged in an accident, it never used a drop of oil.
i changed my MB to syn after 20 years and 200k, no leaks.

The acura got changed after 160k, the 3000GT after 110k, the toyota after 150k. No leaks or issues on any.

Don't worry about it.

Our 20 y/o Audi Coupe GT had GC in it for 6 months, no leaks. All oils pass a seal compatibility test.
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