GC green in my '02 330ci....

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Aug 5, 2004
Back in Arizona. Finally
Well, after sitting on the fence for way too long I put GC green in my beloved Bimmer. Up till now she's grazed on M1 0w/40 exclusivly. I had no qualms about putting the stuff in my '05 Chevy work truck - hey, if it ruined the engine in it, BFD, the Chevy's expendible. But now I'm using the stuff in something I really care about. Initial impressions are mixed: the car drives about the same (let's face it - M1's 0w/40 is a hard act to follow), no new found smoothness or power increase that I could tell. Now the work truck is a different story: BIG DIFFERENCE! So anyway, I'll report back as I pour the miles on the car - I'm not too worried I guess, it says "BMW recommends Castrol" right on the engine valve cover and the GC is, after all an A3 rated oil with BMW's blessing right on the bottle: "meets BMW longlife-01". If does right by my 330ci, the next stop is the wife's '05 Mazda Miata! Cheers all!

Rest easy...the Schwarzwald Elves are good friends with their counterparts in München.
GC is in my '02 330ci as well. It seems to be doing nicely, but I've got less than 500 miles on this car since October.

Trying to spare it the cold starts, salt spray and rock chips that go along with winter. It would be happier in Houston I think.
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