GC gold in a turbo motor

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03 WRX mild mods, turbo , engine management , and exhaust.
The car is in Vegas, will freeze occasionally in the winter and +115 in the summer.
I drive reletively hard, the Green and the Gold both worked superb and showed excellent UOA's, when changed at the 3750 mile warranty mandated OCI.
I will continue to use these oils. ( I have roughly 70 qts GC left )
GC Gold over here. 1.8 T VW GTI. 90% highway driving. Reno, NV, which means summer over 100 sometimes, and winter single digits sometimes. Usually fairly normal. Check the UOA section for results and a thread in here.
I tried European (GC Gold) SLX Longtec 0W-30 last winter. Audi 2.2 turbo I5 engine. 100,000 miles. 50/50 highway/city, winter minimum 7F, summer maximum 80F. Both oil and gas consumption was normal.
I didn't continue with this oil due to Castrol's price regime here..close to US$ 25 pr. liter..
Currently running GC gold in an 05 Legacy GT. Runs smoother than OEM oil with less engine noise at very low rpms (under 1500) when I'm too lazy to downshift. Currently about 6k on this fill - no consumption, mostly daily mixed commuting, winter temps 15-50F, summer up to 100F.
2004 Audi A6 biturbo 2.7 litre; normal operating regime is altitudes from 5200 - 7000' (our house is at 6950' according to GPS) and temps from -10ºF to 90+ºF although it has been from sea level to 10000+' and temps as high as 100ºF (Las Vegas). It has been in the cold and snow of ski areas to the California ocean and the high desert in between. In all circumstances GC has been a wonder in this engine, but, of course, it IS the Excellently Enthusiastic Elvish Elixer of Life, Love, Lubricational Longevity and Terrific Tribology. What should we expect?
So, the answer, so far is that the gold is about as good as the green, which makes it a pretty good oil.
'99 Saab 9-3 here. Short commuting trips mixed with some longer drives (200 miles to New York, ski trips to VT, etc). Put it in in the winter, and I'm just about due for an oil change. Winter temps here in Boston can get down below zero overnight. No problems with single-digit temps on startup in the winter.

No UOA yet, but I'll have one done as soon as the oil comes out. I'll be putting more GC in as soon as my local AZ restocks the shelf. I'll run it through the 90-100 degree days this summer. Don't expect any problems.


Originally posted by LarryL:
So, the answer, so far is that the gold is about as good as the green, which makes it a pretty good oil.

IMHO, gold is as good as green. ( other than the color
So, green or gold as long as it's German, it's good for a turbo motor. It also looks like GC might be good in applications that might other wise use a 40 weight.
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