GC Gold in a 2002 Honda CRV? Do I dare!

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Feb 4, 2005
OK, I'm convinced that GC gold should go in my Camry, but should I take the plunge and put it in my wifes 02'CRV spec. for 5w-20. Real mild here in Oregon. Lows of 25 deg. and highs around 100 deg. during the most extreme times of the year. Otherwise it's 40-80 deg. year round. She also only drives it on the highway for roughly 30 miles a day (two trips at 15 miles each). Only puts on 10K miles a year as well. Thanks for your opinions.
The CRV calls for 5w20, use 5w20. There is little to no advantage to running an almost 40w oil in there. 5w20 dino or semi-syn every 5,000 miles or 5w20 real full synthetic (Mobil 1 type) every 10,000 miles.
I am using GC in my 2001 CR-V since the last month and it's been great. Mind you, I am in Toronto - Canada and the temperature outside is -10C (14F) and still I have no problems with starting the CR-V even after being parked outside for the night.
Of course you can try it. 5w20 is a suggested weight, not a requirement. You can use almost any weight you like, within a reason of course.
I'm running the Canadian version of GC...being ESSO XD3 Ow-30 in my wife's Acura 3.2TL that calls for 5w-20 here in Calgary, and it hasn't blown up yet. I'll do a UOA in may and tell you how things look after about 5k miles. The BMW gets the real thing...mmmm.. GC...eases the pain...
Amsoil says that their 0w-30 is OK for this engine. Does anyone know how different Amsoil's 0w-30 and GC Gold are? Seems like a big change to go from a 20 weight oil to a thick, almost 40 weight oil.
Thanks nortones2. If it works for your Civic, then it should work for the CRV. My wifes CRV uses the 2.4L which I'm sure is not that different from yours.
No one says it wouldn't work...its just a matter of how much "power loss" that you're willing to take, as well as how much of a fuel economy loss. Both of 'em just aren't worth it to me, IMO, to try out some exotic oil. No offense intended, but why would you want to use such a thick oil in that engine? [Confused]
Honda 2.0 litre engine has a range here (UK) from 0w/20 to 15w/40, so I cannot see an issue with r961161 choice. 0w/20 is just one viscosity that will be viable. I'm now running 0w/30 Fuchs Titan 506.01 in my 2.0 litre Civic (same engine as CRV I think), as a change from the usual 5w/40. Still under warranty, but Honda garage has no qualms. :coffee (with additives)
What kind of power loss and milage decrease are we talking about? I know that it can happen, but to what extent? BTW, I put GC Gold in my 4cyl Camry and didn't notice any power loss at all. Of course it's a 4cyl family sedan, not a real power house to begin with. [Wink]
As for power loss, just ask buster. IIRC, he put Green GC in his 05 Accord 4-cyl and said that there was some noticeable power loss. As for fuel efficiency, there has to be SOME fuel efficiency loss, depending on the conditions, by switching from a 7-8cst 5w-20 to a 12-13cst 0w-30.
did buster put his car on a dyno? or are we talking about the good ol butt dyno.if it was the butt dyno then you cant say any power loss. if he had it in his head that it was going to decrease power. then it will in his mind. its called the peciblo effect. I have a V-8 so I guess I wont notice any power loss anyways [Coffee]
Put GC in my K20A3....motor noticeably revved slower, fuel economy took a dive. dumped GC within a week and went back to M1 5W20, fell in love with the car all over again. so yeah...DON'T DO IT.. I know it's hard to resist the european oil, but it's better to put in the right oil.
Fortunately for me, our CRV specs 5w-30 and GC is great in it. Thankfully it's the 'right' oil, and I don't have that darn 2002 5w-20 sticker that would be robbing me of all my power.
2002 CRV manual says 5w-20 preferred, however 5w-30 is OK. They say to drain it out and replace with 5w-20 when at end of OCI. Newer models state only 5w-20, no other options.
Manual for 03 Civic 2.0 gives the visosity range I quoted earlier. Most of the Type R users use 5w/40 oils for preference. Cafe requirements overriding other considerations, in the US?
Cafe requirements overriding other considerations, in the US?
No, don't be silly. Don't you know Honda specifically redesigned and manufactued all 'US' engines for 5w-20? Never mind that they wound up being identical to non US versions. Oh, and earlier model year versions. If you run anything but 5w-20 in these 'US' engines, terrible things will happen. Afterall, it's in the MANUAL, it must be true.
Well, on my 2001 CR-V Honda say's to use 5W30 oil right on the Oil cap and also in the manual, so nothing terrible has happened since my switch to GC. Now on most of their newer engines, Honda specifies a 5W20 oil and my dealer told me that this new oil is very good for my old 2001 CR-V as well????? What, did Honda changed the specs or clearances in my CR-V while I was sleeping so that all of a sudden the 5W20 becomes an optimal Oil? [Duh!] I am sticking to GC. [Happy]
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