GC first impressions.

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Oct 21, 2002
I guess I'll post my initial impression, since everybody else has.

Well, no noticeable change. The engine still sounds as if it is self-destructing. Power feels the same and so is oil pressure.
I sent out today my M1 10W-30/15W-50/#132 brew for analysis. Can't wait to see the results.

BTW; the car is a 02 Z28 LS1 6-speed with ~11,800 miles on the odo. The Mobil brew was in service for 4045 miles

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Awesome, can't wait for that UOA.

Rick, has Mobil 1 always been used?

With your M1 mix, it probably was thicker like the GC so you might not see a noticable difference. Most people complain about M1 and noise, which is true do to it's thin nature but some cars like 3MP's, seem to sound better on M1. Go figure.

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My brew BETTER be thicker than GC! It consisted of 350ml of #132, 1qt of 15W-50 and ~4.5 qts of 10W30. I was hoping it would be very high 30W to low 40W....AT LEAST!
BTW, we had a couple of somewhat cold mornings (30s) and the car started just fine with the brew.

I'm hoping the GC stuff does as good as it has done in other cars such as Patman's and G-man
I'm very interested in seeing how GC does in an LS1! I know a few guys running it in their LS1s (thanks to me convincing them) but nobody has done a UOA yet (most of them haven't put enough miles on yet to even be ready for one anyways)
I need to sneak a few dollas from my wife's purse so I can re-stock my GC supply
. I only had 8 qts and 6 are gone!

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