GC, Finally found some in Phoenix

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Sep 15, 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada
I live in SoCal and can no longer find GC anywhere. I went to Phoenix this week and found 20 quarts of GC from 2 different stores. I probably could have found more if I was willing to drive to the other stores.

It is sad when you get excited about driving 6 hours knowing there will be GC on the other end.
Au contraire, mon ami...it is not sad, it is the sign of a life that is full...no, really.

Green or Gold GC?

The larger AZ stores in the San Fernando Valley usually carry GC gold. The green will be hard to find. I managed to purchase 30 quarts of the green (M02-M0501) and 24 quarts of the gold during the recent sale ($3.99) in October. I'll use it with my new Amsoil EaO oil filters the next few of years.

My local AZ (Tujunga-Foothill Blvd.) keeps the gold in stock. Some stores still have mass quanities of the "Made in USA" yellow label.

I'll be in Phoenix next month and check-out the stores on East Thomas Rd (Phx) and McDowell Rd in Scottsdale.

My local AZ (Tujunga-Foothill Blvd.) keeps the gold in stock. Some stores still have mass quanities of the "Made in USA" yellow label.

I was there two months ago while on business in Montrose..Yep, since then they stock only the gold...coz I found and bought the last MO501 qt there.
While I believe the Gold is going to be a super performer, I must admit The Green is pretty sweet stuff (performance and fragrance-wise
). If you would have told me 4 years ago I would say about a motor oil what I am about to say I would have told you that you were
, but GC really and truly has (I'm hunkering down)...personality.
I KNEW I was going to get that kind of reaction...sigh....Jürgen, Friedric, Klaus, my kleines freundes....they just don't understand.
PSCHOLTE your begining to scare me. I can hear psycho theme music playing in my head as I read your posts.

maybe the oil has a hallucinogenic attributes when poured? and prolong exposure has irriversable side-effects

one day your wife will walk in on you rolling around on a trash bag with GC all over you praising the ELF ***
D J,

Don't let me scare you...I'm pretty benign...as soon as you come to understand that oil is our friend it will all make sense to you... (you DO name each of your bottles of GC don't you?...and take them on vacation?...and to racing movies...and....)
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