GC=European Formula?

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Feb 12, 2004
Western Washington

I just picked this up today, says "Made in Germany" on the back, has all the same ratings on the back, A3/B3 B4, etc... Bottom of the bottle says 052876BTW37062 17:39.

Has anybody else seen these bottles with the "European Formula" written on the front? Are they finally acknowledging that GC is different?
I've seen that new bottle design in the other syntec weights.The bottle cap is like the previous bottle.
My local AZ just pulled the old US 0w-30 and replaced it with this new temp pack GC.

I bought 5 last night, it's gold.
I did get the oil at Autozone. The one on Harrison Ave. in Olympia. It seems to be the nicest one in town.

I've seen those same style bottles in the other grades, I just thought that it was interesting that they are acknowledging that its different from regular, "non-european" Castrol Syntec.

Just for you guys, I cracked open the bottle in the picture...drumroll....its green!
I tipped the bottle until the oil was at the lip of the container, and I shined a very big flashlight down in there. Its definitely green. It looks exactly like the green thats in the first cup picture: Green (those pics are from another thread, not mine)
That would be great if it is. Only, I did the flashlight into the bottle thing on some gold M0507 and M0512 vintages, and the center of the light is gold, but the outer edges of the light were green. Go figure!
A green M0528???
Please post the pictures.
We've had similar claims before.
"Unfortunately" they turned to be false.

...the center of the light is gold, but the outer edges of the light were green. Go figure!

The Elves refer to it as "Der himmlische Heiligenschein der Vortrefflichkeit" (The Heavenly Halo of Excellence)

PS Someone PLEASE let me know when the coveted 229.5 shows up on the label of a bottle of GC...no can find that recent a vintage here...after that we'll have to look for a new Castrol import meeting the 229.31 spec...see, there are adventures for us all for a long time...
Well, I'm not going to go through the trouble of taking a picture inside of an oil bottle, and I'm not going to drain any of the oil out of the bottle, but you can rest assured that its green in there.

Here's a picture of the back of that same bottle:

So Pscholte, apparently GC does meet MB 229.1, 229.3, and 229.5.
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