GC Elves Making Cookies?

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Jan 11, 2006
Clovis, CA
I bought a package of Keebler Soft Batch cookies from the grocery store today. To my astonishment, I saw what looked like GC Elves on the package. Do GC Elves make cookies too?
I know you guys didn't mean to but you started a bit of a firestorm. The last I saw the little guys they were storming out the door, yelling, "Wir machen Plätzchen nicht!" <i>Let's don't bring this up again OK?</i>
Originally posted by GoldenRod: ....Do GC Elves make cookies too?
I'm not sure, but the Keebler Elves have toured a top secret GC test facility before, deep in the Black Forest:  -
So, no one with kids has seen this movie? I immediately thought of GC when a certain arrow shooting elf's brother starts baking cookies (he has to *** all the time, too) [Big Grin] (I'm actually a bit surprised Keebler isn't upset)
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