GC batch number

Oakland, CA
Found 10 quarts in an Autozone in Oakland. It is amber in color if that makes a difference. It says "Made in Germany" on the back label with the following batch # stamped in white on the bottom of the bottle: M050286ATW6241615 Is this the stuff and does it have a chance to quiet the piston slap in my 5.7 liter Chevy? I guess we will see.....
I don't know about the amber (or Gold as we sometimes like to call it) but for my Grand Am 3400, the Green stuff made it WAY quieter. No piston slap or valvetrain noise or whatever it was....again, not sure of the Gold as I don't have any. However, I'd be willing to bet it would work just the same as the Green in hushing that motor up.. [Cheers!]