GC and 1999 Honda Accord 2.3 litre

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Jul 2, 2005
DeKalb, IL
Hey Folks! I've been reading all sorts of wonderful stuff about the fabled GC, so I went to my local Autozone and, behold, they have it and its less expensive than Mobil 1! It's probably the gold, though. Anyway, I am currently using Mobil 7500 5w-30 in my Honda Accord 2.3 litre with 67000 miles on it. I plan to go about 4000 to 5000 miles on this change and then dip into my stash of Trop-Arctic semi-synthetic 5w-30. My questions: should I run GC 0w-30 in my Honda with 5000 mile OCI or is this overkill? Does anyone have any UOAs with GC and Honda engines? Or, should I just stick with the Trop-Arctic with 3000 mile OCIs, since it is still available at Wally World for $1.24? Finally, will GC be affected by the oil problems linked to hurricane Katrina? Thank you in advance.
1. You can safely run GC for 7-8K miles under the "normal" driving conditions. 2. GC is not affected by Katrina since it's being blended in Germany.
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