GC 0w30 in car that specifies 5w30 (or 10w30-40)

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Apr 30, 2003
austin, texas
I have an infiniti g35 coupe with the vq35 engine. officially it calls for a 5w30 with 10w30 and 10w40 ok if average driving temps are >= 0F (which they always will be). So, how do you feel about using a 0w30 (GC from autozone) in this car? any additional wear from using a 0w30 instead of a 5w30? miles will be approx 90% all highway. ps, went to autozone tonight, notice they seem to mix all the bottles of 0w30 usa with the 0w30 german, you gotta cherry pick.
Likely you'll be fine. GC is thicker than most 5w30s. Does the manual mention any other specifications (ACEA, for example) that the oil should meet? GC meets ACEA A3.
ekpolk and I are both using GC in our G35's. He's using Green and has posted numerous amazing UOAs with it while I'm using Gold and am just dumb and happy and have no UOAs to share.
JAG beat me to the punch. [Wink] You will have no problems. The VQ35 simply loves this oil. Click here to see for yourself. The only thing restricting me from taking this oil somewhere between 15k and 20k miles is the warranty. Consider using the K&N oil filter. As you can see from my particle counts (an optional UOA "add on"), the occasionally expressed concern about K&N filtration effectiveness are simply not factual, at least not with the VQ35.
I just picked up another six pack of 06044 batch (made in Germany) today so as of 13 Feb 06 they were still using a German source of supply...the last two times I have bought, another 06044 batch shows up to replace what I bought. Frankly, we won't know if the source of supply has changed until each new batch appears and we see where it is made. Unless Castrol just wants to shorten the pipeline (no pun intended) since they are already producing it for European customers, why would they change?
Well, I couldn't resist, especially after that last UOA. I was at AZ earlier today and just had to snap up the last five quarts of green (M04280...). But that's it for green hunting for me . . . probably.
But that's it for green hunting for me . . . probably.
I don't think I believe that...I DO believe you have integrity...I DON'T believe you can resist the sweet music of the Elves.
Yup, no more Green in my section of Ottawa [Frown] . I picked up the last two at WallyWorld last week. Had to get two 05 Gold to go with them for this OCI. To top up to the correct volume, I added the 1/2 liter of RedLine 5W30 I had kicking around. It should make for an interesting UOA in Oct. Cheers, Bry [Canada]
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