GC 0W-30 Thick or Thin?

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Apr 8, 2004
I am a little confused about GC 0W-30. I have read posts that consider it to be a thick oil. 0W30, I believe should be thinner than a 5W-30 or a 10W-30, at least when it is cold. Is this a great oil for cold weather and cold starts (should be better than all 10W-30s and 5W-30s, viscosity wise?)? Being a bit thicker at operating temperatures shouldn't make a difference in the cold. Or am I missing something...

It is a "thick" oil in the sense that when measured at 100ºC/212ºF it is on the "thick" end of the 30wt scale (there are "windows" under which an oil can fall to be considered a 10W, 20W, etc). It is a true 0W when measured at -35 and -45ºC so it is great for winter weather and cold starts. But because it is "thick" at 100ºC (in other words its natural viscosity retention and that provided by its viscosity improves keeps its viscosity "high" for a 30wt at operating temps) it is also great for hot weather driving if your OEM recommends an XW30. Hope this helps.
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