GC 0-30

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Feb 8, 2003
New Hampshire
I have found this at a Auto Zone in my area and am using this now. My question is other area stores do not have the German version, is there any other way to get this if they stop carring it? I changed out the Mobil 1 0-30 yesterday when there was a heat wave (22F), its now almost -11F. Many on this site have high reguards for this oil but how many are actually using it? Thanks Guys p.s. This is in my 5.3 Chevy.
I just gave my 02 4.3 "iron maiden" its first change out on the GC 0w30 on Saturday and sent the sample in for analysis so maybe by the end of the week we will have an idea if it does any better on the iron numbers than Mobil1 5W30.
I just put it in my 99 GTP so it will be alwhile for me but the car loves it(quiet,smoother idle, pepier,etc.) [Cheers!]
is there any other way to get this if they stop carring it? I'd say one way to ensure it stays around is to keep buying it. I've loaded up on it but one AZ near where I work always seemed to have at least a case on hand. I bought 3 cases from them over a couple of months. When I went in today I bought another case and saw what I'd estimate to be another 3-4 cases worth. If the stuff is selling the stores will stock it. I didn't even see any of the old yellow label ACEA A1 rated stuff laying around. [Cheers!] [Patriot]
I used it in my 4.3 liter V8 mercedes motor that I run up to redline a dozen times a day. At my normal 2,500 mile oil change interval the oil looked good and showed a better Oil Analysis than the previous run of M1 5w-30. Jeff
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