gasoline smell in oil of new engine

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Feb 3, 2003
I have brand new car, at about 700 miles I checked the oil level and noticed it smelled a bit like gasoline. I had always heard that is not good? I wanted to do an early change anyway to get the factory mystery oil out of there and get some Castrol GTX in (MmMMm Moly). Well not 200 miles into the new batch it has a gasoline smell again. Is this to be expected in general? Or to be expected on a new engine during the break-in?
i have absolutely no idea at all, but a wild guess, i would think that since the rings arent seated and broken in and sealing well, maybe some gas gets through... just a guess though
I'm not 100% sure its normal but my car does that too. My last analysis came up negative for fuel in the oil so I'm not worried about it

With a new engine the rings may not be completely seated yet so some fuel may be running down the cylinders and into the oil. If this is the case after it breaks in more this problem should diminish.
Thank you for the responses! Especially about how an oil analysis showed everything was ok, despite it smelling a bit like gasoline. Sounds like from your experiences it is prolly just break in. I will keep a nose on it as the mileage racks up, hopefully it will diminish as things settle in.
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