gas smell from dipstick

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Apr 19, 2003
ottawa , canada
Hi i have a 00 honda civic EX with 70kms on the engine
And i just recently noticed the smell of gasoline on the dipstick, when i check my levels..
The oil has about 3000kms on it and its 5w-30 Tech2000 syn.

Is there a place to do a UOA in ontario, i live in ottawa......

I was thinking of changing it with some 5w dino oil and let it run a few 1000kms, then drain and refil with syn again......I have always used the tech200 syn on all my cars , but never noticed this before..

thanx , this forum is great....

Are you doing a lot of short trips? I have noticed a similar fuel smell when doing a lot of short trips, esp in cold months - gas getting into the oil during warmup and not getting burned off.

Try taking a longer drive, the smell should go away.

Also, is your coolant temp gauge getting up to the right level after a few minutes of driving? I had a Volvo with a bad thermostat...took forever to warm up (lots of gas smell on the dipstick). Good luck...
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