Gas Price Variation Caused by Population Density?

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Jul 6, 2005
USAF Museum
An interesting map showing gas prices by county across the USA.

Will there soon be a mass migration of BITOG-ers to Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming?
As it happens I was in several counties in Western Idaho on business on the date listed at the top of that linked website. Their data is WAAYY off.
Do I see a correlation between lower prices and proximity to some national parks?
Eventually the oil companies will price themselves out of business, and we will all be running clean alcohol based fuels. This is the reason why I love high gasoline prices.
For the FIRST TIME in my half a century of living, well, except for a short period in the 70's, I've heard NUMEROUS people state that they were selling their gas-hogs, planning on doing a much better job of combining errands into fewer trips, planning on buying their NEXT vehicle based mainly upon fuel efficiency, etc. Those are some of the reasons why I love high gasoline prices.
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