Gas price spread

Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
I have read that in some states premium is much more than regular. Not here. Usually about this or less.


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Yeah, normally about $.70/Gal to move to premium around here. Some places are more. The current price doesn't seem to matter.
I just looked at the station closest to me. $3.19/$3.49/$4.09 So my regular unleaded is $.58 cheaper and the premium is $.02 more. Makes perffect sense.
I have read that in some states premium is much more than regular. Not here. Usually about this or less.

Not too much of a spread there.
However, the REAL spread is 49-state gas verses California gas. I bought some ethanol-free gas this morning for the lawn mowers and paid a dollar less than what you are showing for your regular unleaded. Regular unleaded here was even cheaper.
Yeah it’s usually way higher here. About 2 weeks ago it was over $4 a gallon because of that pipeline hack here on the east coast. I only run mid grade or premium so I always have to pay more. The mid is typically 30-40 cents more. Premium at least 50-60 cents more. For some reason when you put regular in my truck it shakes really bad and shuts off I have no idea why.
.70 more a gallon for 93 vs 87 octane at most stations in central Ohio.
My dad bought ethanol free 90 octane for his boat in Port Clinton, OH at $3.999 a gallon on Friday at the marina.
Seems like the "corporate" stations have a 60c spread from 87 to 93 but privately-owned stations, even those branded as Shell, Sunoco, etc will be $1.00 difference.

I do remember the 10c spread between grades. I really didn't care though until my current car that really likes 89-93 so much better than 87.
I've seen a dollar difference between the two. I've also seen no difference between plus and premium, which I don't understand.
Here in Utah most stations have a $.30 spread between regular and premium. There is a station near me that has a $.60 spread, so I won't patronize them.

When I visit my son in Kentucky, it is typically a $80 to $1.00 spread. It is a hard pill to swallow.