Gas in much is too much?

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Sep 20, 2003
AB, Canada
My Honda stalled at a light, and decided not to start again , #$%*!. Great, it's Halloween night, and its -10 c outside. Anyway...the car has been cranked over a zillion times; no start, but sure reaks of gas. Sooooooo... how is the oil...? Would you change it? Or, when (if?) the car starts again, simply run it for a long burn!? it off... Ps - the oil is M1 0w40 with only about 1000 km(620 miles)on it. Any opinions much appreciated...and all offers to buy the POS considered! (Actually, the car is my baby, 10 yrs old 360 000 km, bought new, but at this mileage other stuff starts to break, #$#@!)
1993 Acura Integra 1.8l I4, 5spd , FI. Went back 4 hrs later to check on the car, and it started right up and ran perfectly. Took it out for a half-hour buzz on the highway, and all was wonderful again! Gotta love those intermittent gremlins...!
I think you should still be safe to take this oil to it's full interval. I had a few no start situations like this with my Firebird (maybe not as severe but one time it did take more than 10 tries) and the oil came back with 0% fuel in it.
Drive it enough to burn it off. Just don't let it sit around. I too would recommend a cleaner such as Techron. I had a couple of analysis last week with 10% fuel. That's too much. (they are on my site).
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