Gas balloons and your new truck and potent combination I'd say...

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Feb 16, 2004
 -  - aparrently the owner of said truck filled balloons with acetylene and oxygen and shot some of them with roman candles, but static got to the rest of them and blew the doors and roof off and put him in the hospital. he's lucky to be alive. i'm betting the insurance company still had to pay.
What I think, Sprintman, is the id-jet (idiot) would set the balloons in one corner of the property and "shoot" at the oxy-acetylene balloons with the the lit roman candles. Roman candles are hand held fireworks that launch flame/spark bearing projectiles. Make any sense? If any of you have ever seen one or more of these balloons go is a force to behold. Amazing really. Why the idiot would have these in his truck is indeed, "redneck material"...
Originally posted by Pablo: Why the idiot would have these in his truck is indeed, "redneck material"...
Reminds me of the old... You might be a Redneck if... Anyone in your family died right after saying, "Hey, y'all watch this!".
Here's the full story: Idjut The guy had been filling balloons with acetylene and air and igniting them from a distance with Roman candles..out in the open. That was dumb in itself, but then he decided to take some of them home in his truck and static electricity set one off. With an acectylene air mix, the chain reaction between balloons would be essentially instantaneous. He's lucky the truck cab wasn'tbetter built. He was close to getting enough overpressure to kill himself. Since both eardrums were popped, he got about a 20 psi overpressure. Much less he wouldn't have lost his eardrums, double that and he would probably be dead. Article didn't mention it, but he probably has some lung damage too.
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