Garmin Car Charger Compatibility

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Oct 31, 2017
Does anybody here know if the car charger/power cord of a Nuvi 255W works also with a Nuvi 2639LMT? A google search has not been helpful, and I could not find a compatibility chart.
Some of the charger cords have built in traffic receivers. You might not get traffic reception with the LMT model if you use the other power cord, but it will probably provide power just fine.
By putting in "nuvi 2639 charger" into google it seems thst both have mini-USB connector... So it should work... But most probably you will not be able to recieve TMC signal via 255 charger (does 2639 has Bluetooth connection.? That way you can get TMC via garmin Smartphone link)!
Looking at the Garmin site and GPS specs again, I have noticed that the included charger is also an antenna. So while the old Garmin's charger may well power the new device, the traffic feature will be lost. Thanks for the replies.
You can try it...... I charge my Garmin 2555LMT with a Samsung digital camera cord, and it functions normally (for the features that I use)
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