G-05 - To change or not to change?

Sep 10, 2005
Erie, PA
Years ago I studied up on electrolysis and found that my radiator hoses were the root cause of the un-solvable electrolysis numbers I was getting.

So as of right now all of my cars are coming due for coolant changes as they have timed out by years, not by miles.

If I simply drain and refill with fresh 50/50 motorcraft premium gold / G-05, is there any risk of heater core or radiator failure? I swear everytime I touch a cooling system I cause a leak.....
If you don't change it, there is a risk of heater core or radiator failure.

My recommendation is to change it. A drain/refill is easy enough to do. Repeat as needed, and more often than required.
Are you saying you have (had) electrolysis-induced pitting/corrosion/flakiness in your cooling system - now diagnosed and repaired - and are asking about the change interval for G-05? If there's no discernible damage I'd change as planned and on-schedule.

I've been flushing and using Zerex G-05 in my 2005 Caravan and 2008 Charger every five years since both cars were new. The Caravan has 245K miles and the Charger 32K. The Caravan obviously has lots of miles between each coolant change and the Charger's coolant is changed by time. The insides of both cooling systems appear as new and neither vehicle has left so much as a single drop on the driveway - ever.