Funny experience at Wallyworld

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Aug 30, 2004
While at Wallyworld today, I came across a middle-aged gentleman who was studying the label of Castrol Syntec 10w30. Here was our conversation: Me: $20 for that jug? Him: Is that a good price? Me: Nah...I'd rather buy Mobil 1 10W30 instead. Him: O'Rly? I saw the listing of Mercedes on the back...I don't have a Mercedes. Me: No, it just says that Mercedes uses Mobil 1 in factory fill...but not that particular grade. (Walks over to 5qt jug of Mobil 1 to show him) Him: stares at the jug Me: What do you drive anyway? Him: 00 Accord. Me: Doesn't that take 5W30? Him: Is 10W30 too thick... [Roll Eyes] Me: wouldn't make a difference in our climate Him: Does this Mobil 1 need a special filter? Me: just requires a high-quality filter. Purolator PureOne would be my pick for $6 at the Pep Boys...Walks over and picks up a FRAM TG7317 but these would actually work equally well. Him: Oh okay...actually using them already. Me: I'm actually running Mobil 1 EP 10W30 right now with the Mobil 1 filter for 15000 miles. Him: O'Rly? That's a long time... Me: Yeah... LOL...its sad that some people cannot read and fully understand the back label of an oil bottle. Oh, and I had to leave. So I do not know what he eventually chose. Edited to add missing statements
It's equally sad when some people don't fully understand they've been cleverly, but politely played...
Regarding the filter... [Wink]
On my 1995 Civic had a deal if you bought car at dealership they would change oil for free except filter. I suppled a Fram for 60% of my 9 yr/225,000 mile ownership. About 25% of oil changes were the <$14 special at Wally word with a Fram I am guessing. The car was sold perfectly running mainly because I was just sick of it since a month after buying it. Never a single engine issue. I think for the average consumer especially those who keep a car less time a Fram suits them fine.
Engine filters are way overrated (unless you stretch it way overboard, or if the engine is not properly maintained to begin with). I have been running ST filter with M1, change it once a year and never a problem. I was replacing the filter half way years back, but always found the filter to be in good shape (by cutting/inspecting it). Now I'm using the same filter for the whole OCI and found the filter still in good shape. Used Fram too, never a problem.
I'm not pushing anything, just my observation/experience that engine oil/filters are the most over-maintained items on most cars, especially for anyone on this board :) With a sensible change interval, what kind of engine oil/filter to use is the least to worry about. Most cars get into trouble due to AT or cooling related issues.
Originally posted by rjundi: The car was sold perfectly running mainly because I was just sick of it since a month after buying it. Never a single engine issue.
Thats a darn long time to keep a car that you are sick of.
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