Fun Vintage Sedan

Time for a fun topic. What say the crowd for an entertaining classic/vintage sedan?

I am always playing 'what if' w/ the cars and I am thinking that it would be useful to have a vintage 4 door to be able to take another couple out for dinner, etc. without smelling like diesel or sitting in 'troop' seats and, just maybe, enjoying some comfort.

My tastes lean Euro, but open, and I am thinking late 60's to late 80's and I have a fairly high tolerance for odd and needy. Only one real NO (flame suit on); BMW E30's...I never liked the on a box is being kind. Also, no Rolls or Bentley, not me.

Off the top of the head;

MB 190, not an MB fan but liked these
Peugeot 505, always liked these, rare and would have to be a turbo or V6..Lord help me
BMW Bavaria, familiar, pretty, well-built and relatively easy to live with
BMW E12 5 Series, see above, except for not as pretty
Rover 3500TC or S V8, pretty, rare, lots of parts bin components but some are hens' teeth, British quirkiness, did I say pretty?
Citroen DS, friends who don't appreciate cars may not want to be seen in it
Something AMC....

I'll "vote' for a Bavaria. My friend has both a 3.0 CS and a Bavaria and they're both great driving cars. The Bavaria actually drives better with it's longer wheelbase and is much less expensive to boot. Those BMWs are actually pretty easy to work on too and parts are generally available here in the States.