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Dec 29, 2004
New Mexico
Dear Mr. (me) Thank you for your email of Mar 31. We are sorry we do not have any discount offer for any forum site at this time. However, we will set a special discount for you and your forum site memebers. Please use YM4 as a discount code and it will give you 10% discount at the purchase. We appreciate your interest in Engine Oil Drain Valve. Look forward to receiving your order. Best regards, YM International Co. Online Distributor of Fumoto Oil Drain Valve www.fumotovalve.com ----------------------------------- Just thought I'd give the whole email. I'll send them a thank you for all of us.
Nice, I just bought one a week or so ago for my STi. I used some other discount code I found on the 'net for 10% off as well. Can't wait to install it at my next oil change, should make future changes even quicker/easier.
Originally posted by AndyH: Can't wait to install it at my next oil change, should make future changes even quicker/easier.
You don't have to wait. When I bought a valve I couldn't wait and so installed it with a full pan of oil. Just thumbed the hole between the plug and valve. Of course that is not normal behaviour, so you might as well wait. [freaknout]
Cicero - Thank you. I was actually considering a Fumoto valve last night, but did not order one. Your timing could not be better!! Thanks for sharing.
Anytime, NewGuy. Nice of Fumoto to save us all a few dollars. I've wanted some ever since I found out about it here at BITOG. The utility of one of these is obvious after reading what others have said about them. Oil samples, no mess, no more washers and just plain cool. Don't know who to credit with this info but I found pictures somewhere of how to use a spring clip as a "safety" for the throw lever. I'll repeat the sizes I wrote down. I hope it's correct: 11/16" or 5/8", depending on the valve you get.
Funny, that is the same code they sent me a few weeks back. I guess it is their standard discount code. As for the clips, it gives you the sizes in the installation instructions.
Oh!! Gee thanks! I sure wish I had run down all the Fumoto threads and found this one sooner! Again, I'm a week late and a few dollars short! [Smile] I just bought my second Fumoto Valve last week and installed it Sunday! A 10% discount would have been great, cheapo that I am. [Smile]
Thanks Cicero, I just ordered one for a new car I bought today. I already have two in use. This is a very good product.
I bought my Fumoto valve and adapter several months ago. My OLM is just now starting to get to the point where the "service due" notice will light up and so I will install it soon. Hope it is all it is cracked up to be. One good thing I found about this device is that the valve will work in any position - right side up, upside down or on the sides. This is good in my application as part of my exhaust system rests fairly close to the pan and it would be too hot to release the valve if it were straight up and down. To get the valve in the right position you do not want to overtighten by turning it to a position it does not come to rest naturally. You would need to use more (or thicker) washers between pan and valve and/or adapter. I got the nipple variety so I can attach a hose from it right to the drain jug. Should be a piece of cake - we shall soon see.
Cicero: Do you have pix of this spring clip safety device? I just ordered my fumoto valve. I am concerned about driving through deep grass or such and pushing the lever up. Is this a valid concern with these? Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Larry
I got one on that discount. Pretty nice deal, 23.00. It turned to a funny angle when tight, but the lever is out of the way of anything the car could hit that would catch the lever. And, the opening is below the drip level of the old bolt. Man, the action needed to open the valve is SO deliberate, I dunno how it could open accidently. Anyone ever dump their oil by mistake? I was thinking maybe to drill a fine hole into the lever and safety wire it down kinda like we did with airplanes awhile back. Necessary?
You guy's will never be able to sleep without some type of a safety wire to ease the thoughts of your oil pouring out as you drive. Ask me.....I bought one years ago for my Mack/Detroit Diesel and had to wire it to sleep [Sleeping] I am better now...sold the Rig and my sleeping habits have been better for years.
Otis24, Actually, the lever would have to be pulled DOWN to open the valve. I attached hose clips to mine for the prevention of any accidental opening, although I don't see how that could happen. On the information sheet that comes with the valve the following is given on hose clip size that can be used: T, FG Series..........11/16" Clip F Series..............5/8" clip. ..
I just dumped the factory fill in my 2006 Honda and replaced the plug with a Fumoto valve/adapter. There is no way you are going to accidently release that spring. I would like to hear from anyone that has had that happen. The valve works in any position, even upside down which would be the position most vulnerable to a failure. Unless one is off-roading, I would not even worry about it.
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