Fumoto oil valve question

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Jun 29, 2005
E. Texas
I have seen a rather poor photo of this contraption but I could not tell if there was enough room on the drain spout itself to attach a make shift hose to drain the oil directly to a bucket.

I am trying to decide on this or the Fram SureDrain (which even comes with a hose). I think a hose allowing you to direct the oil flow would make the job a lot easier. So, do any of you using the Fumoto have a drain hose rigged up of some kind?
Yes, I have three Fumotos on three vehicles. For one, because it is a 4WD truck with skid plates, I wanted to be able to attach a hose. I purchased the valve with the nipple. I actually then attached a short piece of fuel line to the nipple and used a small hose clamp to keep it on. While not actually draining oil, I then hold the hose up out of the way using a tie wrap.

For the other two, on cars, I purchased the valves without the nipples.
Thanks. I went to the website and sure enough they have one with a nipple for hose attachment!
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