Fuel injector cleaner during oci

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Jun 12, 2005
North Texas
Is it better to add fuel system cleaner before you change the oil? Or is it ok to add during the oci? Ive always been a top tier guy and adding TCW3 every other fillup but now I'm thinking on running non top tier with techron or SL1 every three months or so. What are your thoughts.

I would skip the TCW 3 and keep using top tier fuel. Put a bottle of Techron in the gas tank one or two tankfuls before your OCI.
A 'maintanance dose' of 3-4 ounces of Techron or SI-1 every other tank would not hurt either.
(Yes, I know many on here will say it won't help either, so opinions may vary.
I started seeing MaxLife from Valvoline as a fuel system cleaner. It was only $6 for a 12oz bottle. Anyone tried that one? If it had enough PEA I might maintenance dose with that and instead save my SI-1s etc for the once a year treatment.
If you guys are already doing maintenance or using top-tier exclusively; but want to save some cash.

Just use half or even 1/4th of the si-1 per tank as a treatment instead prior to OC. Or, if you feel the need, I'd go through the si-1 bottle over the 2 tanks prior to OC rather than just 1.
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